Tuesday, March 01, 2005

im blogging the bare minimum nowadayss but life's good, :) exceptionally good too :) ive only had 1 major disagreement with my mum this whole year and thats something to be proud of :) results turned out wayy better than expected and i was so damn happy i kinda cried my ass off. not to that extent but yess i anticipated it anywayy.
sayang just left for aussie :( so cold and empty :( i guess now's one of the best times to catchup with my girliess :) where are youu babes?! :(

steph :
babe you're still looking as hot as ever man :) man i cant stop loving youu :) haha lets go shopping soonsoon! :)

shi :
thankyouu! :) and dont forget our dd! :)

mel :
ayee im still waiting! haha when?! i havent seen ALL of you in ages! and nag might be a little too long a wait :(

lisaa :
im sure you would be unloved huh hottie :) im missing you tooo and in any case, i dont train as hard as i used to :( not like i did last time anywayy but :)

bern :
haha yess i'll be at nag :) ayee you really forgot bout our gelato date? :( how could you!!

clara :
!! im feeling empty! :( a week simply feeels toooo long :( i dont know much bout tags but i can help :) yesyess gymming and studying this week pleasee. ive gotta do everything i can to make time fly so he'll come back sooner! :)

to you,with love3/01/2005 05:54:00 AM

Sunday, February 20, 2005

quick round up of the whole week. racing stripes isnt that good a show but it got me tearing when stripes the zebra finished so magnificently and yess i was sniffing. embarrassing and i still have no idea why it happened. it just did. guess that racing touch really hits close to home and i miss it but unfortunately, i doubt i'd get to experience it again. memories will do :) righright on the whole, this has been an extremely good week :) its mum's birthdayy todayy :)
happy birthdayy mum :) hope you like the present :)

im in a rush, gotta run. love you all :)

shi :
:) when's your darling coming back? i wanna see him when he does :)

steph :
catching up with you is a definite must, absolutely necessary :) i'm missing you babe! and yes, a date :) anytime :)

melanie :
ayee babe i lost your blogaddd. haha and again, i havent seen u in ages. aitoo hows you and ur guy :) hope its going well tooo :)

wayne :
wayne so cutee! you sure you dont have a girlfriend? :)

melwong :
omgg we're almost a year overdue? where's the love man. haha asap please! :)

to you,with love2/20/2005 02:36:00 AM

Monday, February 14, 2005

just had a super niceeee coooollldddd bathh :) cold water doesnt normally appeal to me but my metabolism was on high and i was perspiring like mad esp after pe so it did feeel damnn good todayy :) todayy was just binging, and binging, and binging, and binging, with all the chocolates, brownies and sweeeets omg sugarrush :) mm met andrew aft sch, had goodgoood seafood at newton. sighh i love my sayang more than anything in the world :) ive got some new resolutions for myself and this time ard im determined to stick to it. i know ive said it a million time but yess. ive gotta start somewhere. did some shopping for dan and omgg i so love what i bought. its superrnicee to me but i'll zip for now :) cant spoil the surprise :) short entry but ive gotta run. i'm missing my baby. happy valentines :)

to you,with love2/14/2005 06:07:00 AM

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Hey ppl. this is andrew.being super extra by filling in for zoe today. heh. Today zoe and i met after her trng and we caught constantine at ps. It was better than expected considering someone told us it was pretty bad just before the movie.Felt real bad though..all the guys were carrying bouquets of flowers for their dates and i was pretty much empty handed.Will make it up to her somehow.Funny,its been so long since ive had a proper valentine. heh. Will leave tmrw to sort itself out.Yea finally out of the singles' club after so long.muahah, no more sad-case andrew eh? haha.on that note , i'm real lucky to have zoe, being able to chance upon someone who really makes me happy and real.I really love this girl and i love taking care of her.Irrestibly adorable she may be but too bad guys, she's mine. yes.ANyway a happy valentine's day to all. cheers.

to you,with love2/13/2005 06:33:00 AM

Saturday, February 12, 2005

arrgh i looooveeee pineapple tarts! i love it i love it i love it! :) i've put on weight since cny which is kinda acceptable but then again, its gonna take me forever to lose it knowing my snail paced metablolism. eee i only love my metabolic rate aft a super crazy training session but its been awhile since i last pushed so hard so, :( next week's apparently hell week again. you have no idea how much im dreading it.

meeting andrew tmr and the dayy after :) cant wait cant wait tho i just met him yesterdayy :) man i love how i can blog freely bout andrew, haha wierd but yess im proud of my sayang :)

power rangers are on now. haha its beeeen agess! since i last watched it. promised my bro i'll catch it with him so, tata :)

sayang's hand :)

to you,with love2/12/2005 04:06:00 AM

Friday, February 11, 2005

just had andrew over at my place :) the very first time i brought my boyfriend home, and yess my family's happy with him :) was kinda worried of what my mum would think cos she trusts her intuitions so much and regards first impressions so highly i was afraid she wouldnt exactly approve of andrew the way she didnt approve of my exs but baby what can i say, you pull off everything :) aw man i love youu.

jus read shi's blog and yess apparently both of us are feeling so dependent on our boyfriends its scary. i've never exactly felt this way before and tho its only been a few hrs since i last saw him, honestly im already missing him, like, mad. eee whats wrong with me. i know for sure this isnt infatuation. absolute, definitely sure :)

bought a new pair of slips todayy and i love it :) bought on impulse as usual but its one of the rare times where i do not actually regret it :) nicee.

i cant emphasize more how i love the way life's treating me now. perfect.
(i) i've been feeling alot closer to God recently and ive come to comprehend in a way the plans he has in life for me. i actually do see the works and miracles he performs and this makes the relationship a whole load more genuine i guess. havent been churching honestly but andrew and i are planning to do it together soon :)
(ii) been on super gd terms with my family and still getting closer :)
(iii) ive found THE one. Andrew Tay, whom i'm loving to the point of madness, and being loved in return is really one of the greatest things that can one can ever experience.
baby i thank God for you.

basically ive got everything i can ask for except, my girlfriends! babes im missing you all reallyreally truckloads!

steph :
i miss those gossip and heart-to-heart sessions during lit class man, and sorry i cant join you in ac :( we'll catchup soon tho, alright? :)
melly :
we were supposed to meetup one sundayy right? eee and i still keep our neoprints in my wallet! :)

bert :
i miss our photo craze during chinese lessons man :) remember the ass photo? yesyess i do :) and i want sharkie! :)

shi :
the last time i saw you was during christmas shopping at taka. that was like ages ago :( and anywayy i do need to shop desperately, babes lets do it all together okok? :)

you all are really special and important ladies i want to keep :) and i do actually have the intention of inviting you all to my wedding when it comes :) i love you all, i cross my heart.

to you,with love2/11/2005 07:45:00 AM

Thursday, February 10, 2005

im having lunch infront of my comp now and i jus spilled sauce all over my shirt. ohwell its alrightt. im gonna bathe aft this entry so :) mm there was training this morning and apparently mum tried waking me up but i honestly dont remember hearing her at all. luckily i didnt too. 400, 300, 200, 2x100 sprints which is totally insane. no wonder i lost weight ever since i joined ace. haha ohwell ive gotta train to keepup my metabolism so :)
last night : omgg i was freaking out infront of clara and fun jus before we stepped into andrew's place. not because im afraid of crowds but i was feeling damn shy plusplus which isnt quite me but haha yess :) had to pull myself together, relax and be myself and it did feel hell alot better aft that :) and omg his dad's friends are really damndamnn nicee :) made it alot comfy-ier too :) turned out wayy better than i expected it to so im happy :)
omg im starting to feel lethargic. gonna bathe and catch some sleep before training. nights

to you,with love2/10/2005 09:14:00 PM

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

eew the pineapple tarts are missingg. i think mum kept them cos ben and i have been majorly attacking them, she doubts there'll be any to last till tomorrow. but honestly these are seriously good. nicee and big, full of fillings :) the way i like it :) im damn full but im still craving for milk and nuts. literal nuts.
mm its gonna be grandma's and a few uncle's before i meet fun and clara to go to andrew's. omgomg quite nerve racking. hehh im kinda worried of what's expected but since i promised, no backing out, and yess baby, anything for youu.

to andrew baby :

Other men said they have seen angels, but I have seen thee.
And thou art enough.
I love you.

to you,with love2/09/2005 06:28:00 PM

omgg festive seasons are just so full of sinful pleasures its how contradicting. the fact that my appetite's getting increasingly hard to control with the yummylicious pineapple tarts and bakua plusplus is rather disturbing but im happy :). eee no training. yess im honestly starting to look forward to training now cos i loovee the way i can eat whatever i want whenever and still manage to maintain myself. :) mm havent been blogging and neither have i been writing essays at all and im so totally incoherent now i dont think anyone can comprehend the thrash im saying. anywayy life is turning out wayywayy better than expected and you cant imagine how happy i am :) im only missing my babes soso damn badly. eee
susperstars lets go back to mg one dayy. i'm saying i miss you all and i really do mean it, cross my heart.
also, my parents are finalllyyy alright with me getting involved in bgrs and yessyess. credit goes to andrew cos you the man man :) arrghh baby i love youu.

to you,with love2/09/2005 04:12:00 AM

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

happy cny people :) omgomg this template's quite childish but damn adorable also haha andrew rocks my worldd :)

to you,with love2/08/2005 11:53:00 PM

Saturday, January 29, 2005

omg losing weight is damn hard with an appetite like mine. just had dinner, durians, cereal and nata de coco. eee im gonna try living on nata de coco alone cos it has a super low calorie count, hardly any fat or carbo and its high fibre so, yeahh but andrew claims i'll get sick of it super fast but, no harm trying :) ive gotta come to terms with myself. do things i said i'll do. another new yr resolution :) yuppss ive got loads to work on, its gonna be tough but i know i'll make it :) summary of the whole week, so damn good :) except in the mornings when im like literally dead. can hardly stay awake until assembly when we have to stand. no significance but yess. highlight of the week- andrew crashed rj yesterdayy :) omg he's super adorable :) haha he kept going on and on bout how he couldnt believe he was doing it cos he promised himself he would never ever step into raffles compound but :) omg i love my baby :) when he arrived, my whole class stood up in the canteen and went like 'hi andrew' haha damn cutee :) i love my class toooo :) sigh fatfat zoee. haha gonna frag now :)

to you,with love1/29/2005 04:23:00 AM

Thursday, January 20, 2005

yayyy got a few new pictures from school. funfun :)

to you,with love1/20/2005 06:40:00 AM

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

ive been trying to find a nicee spot for the tagboard and, futile attempt. i giveup. school's good man. i love everything there is except the work which is unfortunately unavoidable. coping well so far but i cant follow econs lect at all and i honestly dont think its me cos everyone else thinks our lecturer sucks. not that she isnt good but we cant connect appropriately. ohwell i had damn alot to blog about initially but it got lost somewhere along the way. mg babes! we've gotta go back to school one dayy!! yesyess! :)

to you,with love1/19/2005 02:54:00 AM

Friday, January 14, 2005

crash dieting is torturing itself but together with training its almost impossible. and i just got lectured by multiple people bout it :( andrew sounded pissed in a wayy, said he didnt like it etc and mum was like, dont diet till you look like you're gonna faint and uncle sunny said he could tell frm my face that i didnt eat. eee ohwell but this is like one of the fastest wayy to lose weight. sighh clara and i are gonna do it together but errgh i dontknow how long i can last. so far, ive lost err ard 4 kg in 4 days. lets just pray that my weighing scale is accurate :) honestly i dont really care bout my weight as long as im happy with my figure. realistically speaking, hardly anyone bothers bout ur weight if u have a dropdeadgorgeous bod or something right? right. sas meet tomorrow. ive no idea im gonna compete man. mm ive got loads to blog bout my lovely class and og :) i'll do it some other time. missing my sunshine hell alot!

to you,with love1/14/2005 04:39:00 AM

Thursday, January 13, 2005

omgg i loveeeee my class :) 1SO3R rocks my socks :) really although not everyone joins us for every single class activity there is, they are all special in their own way and i really think thats what makes every individual unique :) honestly i look forward to school everydayy except for the workload. its only the first week of lectures without tutorials and the canteen is alreadyy filled with j1s mugging and im like omgg. i havent even touched my work and i cant remember anything at all. i was wondering once if im in the wrong sch or something cos im so damn not used to this kinda lifestyle. quite screwed but i'll do fine :) oh and the bookshop happens to be our latest 'hangout' cos the stuff there is cute and cheap. :) plus the auntie is damn nicee la :) w0o0o im feeling so attached to rj already its kinda crazy and even andrew seconds that. :) man i love my sayang :)
i kinda lost all my links so, its gonna take awhile to get it up again. mm theres sas friendly meet tomorrow. doubt i'll actually swim well cos i havent exactly been training and yess. the focus is team bonding so, i'll go have fun :) and to the darlings in mg. i really miss you. :(

to you,with love1/13/2005 04:50:00 PM

Saturday, January 08, 2005

new year new look. haha this isnt extreme uncontrollable cute but i was damn lazy to surf so, this will do :) havent gotten all the links and tag up but i will soonsoon :) mm orientation's over and man im missing my og. i lovelovelove them :) io'ren rocks my socks :)
gotta get my fatass down to bishan early tmr morning for training :) haha havent worked out in ages and ive gotta win my bet with andrew :) 8kg in 6 weeks but now its 6. haha hard but i can do it :)
i love io'ren! and my sayang :)
short and sweeeeeet :)

to you,with love1/08/2005 07:43:00 AM

Friday, December 17, 2004

jus got back from gym and i lost another 1/2 kg :):):) must be the badminton session yesterday. yes it was damn good and we were sweating hell alot. good stuff :) i miss dice :( caught up with her quite abit :) i miss all my superstars, like really. mm anywayy aft badminton, went to holland for dinner. joked bout having it at crystal jade and we really had it in the end. omg the fish was power :) damn good but super oily. haagen dazs was mmmm!! :) treated myself abit :) mm should be off now. tata :)

my heart says we've got something real
can i trust the way i feel
cos my heart's been fooled before
am i just seeing what i want to see
or, is it true, could you really be

someone to have and hold
with all my heart and soul
i need to know, before i fall in love.
someone who'll stay around
through all my ups and downs
please tell me now, before i fall in love

i'm at, the point of no return
so afraid of getting burnt
but i want to take a chance
please give me a reason to believe
say, that you're the one, that you'll always be

it's been so hard for me to give my heart away
but i would give my everything,
just to hear you say.

to you,with love12/17/2004 09:36:00 PM

Thursday, December 16, 2004

and so, i started dieting on mondayy, exercised like crazy and i lost weight :) mm if what i lost wasnt liquid alone, it'd probably be 1.5-2kg of worthless fats. haha yessyessss! :) im a happyhappy girl :) and now with my new found motivation its gonna be hell alot easier too :) double happiness :)
tomorrow's the pae posting. haha wonder which funny jc i'll be posted to knowing my scores. haha then i'll have to run all over singapore to get the transfers done. sighh cant wait for sch to start actually :) orientation's gonna be funn :)
i miss my pretty ladies frm class 03 :(:( lets meetup soon kk superstars :)

if i wear a mask, i can fool the world
but i cannot fool my heart

to you,with love12/16/2004 05:48:00 AM

Sunday, December 12, 2004

exactly 3 more weeks to sch and ive gotta get started on my so called exercise regime. train twice a dayy plus gymming too. hope i'll shed like a few kilos or something. no crash dieting since i need energy to train and all. mm visited bryan yesterdayy evening and his uncle brought the few of us for dinner at alexandra? damn good i tell you :) mm thrashed talked alot but with them its damn cool and apparently most of the guys would rather be girls if they had a choice. claimed being a guy was what, stressful? but then again they simply couldnt accept wearing a pad during the time of the month. mm met up with a friend intwn for a mightnight show. blade's quite interesting actually and omg the guy is damnn hilarious haha cute :) saw slyvester there too. mm i want hl2! and quoting bryan, its godly. yeah it is omgg. nicenicee :) cant really wait for training later cos ive got new bags and costumes :) but still im a lazy fat ass so :) alright. cs! :)>br>
sent from up above

to you,with love12/12/2004 09:44:00 PM

Saturday, December 04, 2004

aw man im sinful. didnt train the whole of yesterdayy and todayy. planned on going for training this morning actually and i did manage to get my fatass down and i was punctual. 7 on the dot but there wasnt anyone there. so dad waited with me till 715 and and we left for breakfast aft that. haha woops. and ive been planting my ass infront of the comp the whooleee dayy. wanted to hit the gym but my lazy legs wouldnt take me there. useless. ee and its like 1130+ and dad jus bought supper back. told myself i wouldnt eat anything for the night and i didnt have the intention to but guess what. its chilli crab and man tous, oh gosh someone just tell me how i could resist? :)

to you,with love12/04/2004 07:43:00 AM

Thursday, December 02, 2004

skipped morning training cos its really so boring and i dread the pain that training demands. did i mention im afraid of pain? and cold water haha then again no pain no gain so, sighh its a harsh world. im blabbering and i know im incoherent but argh. nobody cares and neither do i :) met up with likai gary and mark yest evening. hardly did anything cos orchard's sooo boring. the govt really ought to do something quickquick. went to meet shortfart at far east and we sat there for ages. talktalk then left and mark bought a new pair of shoes. not bad la :) but not my cup of tea. sighh i cant really wait for sch to start :) new bag, new shoes, new badge. haha and i so cant wait to get new uniforms tooo :) boredboredbored and i hate the darn weather. bleah everything's so blurry, even cs doesnt excite me anymore.

f**k fear, drink beer :)

to you,with love12/02/2004 10:41:00 PM

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

f*ck fear, drink beer :)

to you,with love12/01/2004 10:40:00 PM

Sunday, November 28, 2004

im sick :( down with flu and throat irratation :( its weird why my appetite's still doing so well. eee i'll never lose weight at the rate im going. mm i cant seem to find any nice blog skins. they're starting to suck real bad sighh so, mum and ben left this morning. i miss them already :( really :( im not really in the blogging mood. ive got loads of stuff to go buy. i think i will todayy :)

through it all,
you offer me protection

to you,with love11/28/2004 05:26:00 PM

Thursday, November 25, 2004

omgomgomg im aching super ultra extremely badly. i can barely even straighten my arms above my head. and my groin, my back, erghh its soo painful. but, no pain no gain right? right :) eee my fly's a major disaster and its making me so depressed. it'll get better i know :) mm caught shutter with pek mong and jun on wed after pae. okayy it was scary and we expected jun to like freakout damn bad and start screaming and burying her head in our shoulders and all but i was the one who ended up doing that, minus the crazy screaming. yess no balls la :) mm shopped abit and pierced my cartilage again while pek amd mong were having their manicure, then metup with terry and gang for cs. haha everyone's telling me to go pickup dota cos its so damn addictive. i think i will :):) then yayy we can all lan together :):) funfunfun :) think im gonna pierce my belly soonsoon alreadyy :) eeee was supposed to have done it in june or smthing but bleah. its alright :):)

baby, to me,
you're like a growing addiction that i can't deny

to you,with love11/25/2004 11:15:00 PM

Monday, November 22, 2004

you know something?
i'm a happy girl :):)

to you,with love11/22/2004 05:18:00 AM

Sunday, November 21, 2004

i feel like chaning my template :):) haha cos im bored at home and there isnt anything else for me to do except train, gym, rewatch all my shows and pack my room and shop :) friendsfriends :) probably gonna go out after pae on wed. :) okayy so i bleached and dyed my hair. its fine i guess, but i didnt leave the bleach on for too long cos mum insisted its alright its alright and i shld trust her, but. haha ohwell its fine la :) ee i hate my haircut. my fringe's pissing me off. just hope it'll grow and become better after a week or so. sighsighsigh i wanna cs. tata :)

to you,with love11/21/2004 10:31:00 PM

Friday, November 19, 2004

yessss!! so the Os are over and i can officially relax without feeling guilty and with that part of me urging me to get my butt down on the chair to study. :) yessyesssyesss!! :) happyhappy me :) sooo much stuff on tomorrow. probably gonna get a cam, then cut my hair, bleach and dye, jun's church in the evening, and dad says he has plans for the family at night. w0o0o so many plans not enough time. and im gonna turn 17 soon!! and theres christmas and new year and cny. omg so exciting i cant wait :) i sound deprived. hahah im gonna be able to play cs late into the night without anyone bugging me. :) and how can i forget. my oh-so-important diet. ate very little for dinner todayy. nicenice claypot rice and soup :) mmm shopshopshop. midnight movies. cscscs. gymgymgym. swimswimswim. haha i need a tan damn badly. EVERYONE says im so fair now. eeee fair and plump. puke-
almost cried during the singapore idol result show todayy. :( dont you think olinda should stay instead of slyvester? yesyess. and the more i look at him, the less charming he's becoming. eee :( and he cant exactly sing. kk i dontwannt comment. im gonna cs noww :) gosh im so damn incoherent.

everything's cool now

to you,with love11/19/2004 06:53:00 AM

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

blogblogbloggiee i missed youu :) hahah pls forgive me tho i forsaked you for cs :) you know i love you still rightright? rightt :) haha stableboy says im a cs addict now. ayee noo! its a super effective destresser. haha im not actually stressed up over Os actually. ive been in the holidayying mood ever since dontknow when. probably since bio paper last wed. eee chem paper tmr. im worried cos i didnt touch it since prelims. plsplspls let it be alright :)
im a true blue fatty bombbomb now. ive never been this shape before i swear, its scaring me. crash dieting and hitting the gym everydayy should help. it better :) if i stay this way any longer im gonna cry and probably kill myself or something. hate the way the fats pile up when u dont exercise. sigh i wish i had raa's metabolism. high and nice :) mmm mum had her dental appointment todayy so i went to macs to study on my own while waiting for her. was doing my so new tys, then this group of chinese high guys came and plonked themselves at the table beside me. haha was quite wierd since there were soo many other empty tables ard. and i was like. uhhm, okayy. yeahh. havent had macs in a longlonglong time. cant wait to go bleach my hair :) haha cut that lion's mane also. so damn untidy. jus played cs and i feel like playing again :) miss the adrenaline rush u get during comps. haha cs makes up for it :)

do you know,
only you can save me baby

to you,with love11/17/2004 10:25:00 PM

Thursday, October 14, 2004

yayy none of the sickly symptoms todayy :) goodgoodgood :) well todayy was quite fun :) boring also cos of lessons but mmm had nicenice nasilemak. and this being the last time as an mg girl officially jus amplifies it :) im so gonna miss mg food tho sometimes we just get so sick of eating from the same stores plus the queues, omg. not like im righteous and refrain from cutting queues but :)
okayy todayy. pek jun and i myself were outside class before mrslim came for chem and we were on this hot topic mission. haha private joke :) yes then mrs chan came along and asked bout results and where i was intending to go. told her i didnt have any plans yet then she said "sure ac right, got someone there." duh obviously she was talking bout my boyfriend but im not attached now so its way off tangent. not the highlight yet, she went on to say "ac right, got so many over there" then she laughed. like what? haha i was like mrs chan what are you trying to say, and she jus continued laughing. haha she's nice and friendly but aiyoo. what a way to put it. brought me back to the time when ms kon invited all the swimmers to her place, and i was carrying this teacher's extremely super adorable baby. just so happened she turned and faced my chest then mrs chan was like "aye she want to drink milk ah" what!! embarrassing! ohwell :)
kk gonna cs with jed now. test out my new graphics at the same time :) major distraction :)

i cant hold on to you

to you,with love10/14/2004 02:16:00 AM

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

my whole body's aching for no apparent reason. hardly worked out these few days except shopping for groceries yesterday so, shouldnt be latic acid buildup. i think im falling sick. had a throbbing headache this morning till a few hrs ago. tho i think it disappeared during recess. psychological huh. haha i dontknow but im feeling slightly feverish and thats not good! prac starts next week and shit its damn fast. i was afraid i'd burn out if i started preparing for Os too early and now there isnt enough time :( my brain is seeming more impervious than usual. ohno im drivelling again.
glad to have a comp thats working fast enough for me now :) its gonna be temporary only tho. or maybe we might just keep this so ben and i can lan together :) fatfatfatfatfat. disgusting :( ive got so much stuff that i want, i havent gotten down to buying it. everything has to wait. os is killing me. i know my points absolutely dont link but who cares. i dont. im aching so badly its killing me

please dont let it show

to you,with love10/13/2004 04:14:00 AM

zoee ong
mgs, rjc

i'll put a spell on you/.

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